The Central Registry and Depository for Africa and the Middle East (AMEDA)

International Organization for the International Numbering Exchange (ANNA)

Organization of African Union Capital Markets (ASEA)

Union of Arab capital markets
Markets has been creation of the Union of Arab capital from the desire of Arab states in the development of conciliation and cooperation among them and performance and to highlight its existence in order to achieve the common interests of the common Arab view to increasing the effectiveness of the role played by the service integration and economic and social development of the Arab common.
The aim of the Union in general to coordinate the work between its members and to facilitate technical assistance in the areas of specialization and contribute to the coordination and guidance of the laws, and to overcome difficulties with the Arab investment and the expansion of its base and to encourage the inclusion of the exchange of securities and Arabic in the Arab world, and to encourage the recruitment of capital investment in the Arab areas of common development the Arab world, especially joint ventures. The Union aims at contributing to the establishment of Arab financial market facilitates the exchange of securities in Arabic Arab world.
Has been approved for the establishment of the Arab market in the securities markets, the meeting of the Council of the Federation of Arab capital in December 2003, Gary and the completion of the necessary infrastructure, especially in the areas of:
• the requirements for listing companies.
• Under the terms of the mediators.
• Clearing and settlement system.
• prepare a plan of operation and marketing operations.