Is one of the units and the Central Depository will be liable for securities balances after the transition from image to image the physical constraints within the system, this unit is working hard on the stability of transactions within the market and provide an element of safety and control the speed of transmission of information and made available to investors, thereby helping to stimulate investments in securities.
The unit of several major works on the market, including:

• Download the names and balances of the shareholders of listed companies on the market system.
• carry out correction included stocks.
• Preparation of reports of the Central conservation.
• The opening of accounts issued: the opening of an account version of the company exported a total number of shares issued for each company so that the exporter, to issue its own account.
• the implementation of the planned operations is a change in the issued capital as determined by the issuing company after the general assembly and see the result of the company for the year ended, which include:

1. The capital increase.
2. Reduction of capital.
3. Publications include

The individual securities accounts through its receipt of a memorandum from the unity of the membership and the information described in which all the data necessary to carry out the tasks and duties entrusted to it.
And highlights the importance of the securities accounts as assets of the unit responsible for the stock after the transition from image to image the physical inventory constraints within the system, in addition to its role in ensuring the validity of the implementation of the various processes in the market for the accounts of investors to the existence of certain controls, such as tests of accounts and approve the preparation of various reports for use for purposes of audit and follow-up, and to the preparation of gross and detailed statistics for use by other departments of the market.
Reports of the Central Conservation
Used to show the reports on all operations of the unit and securities accounts, such as:

• the correction.
• A statement of account securities - where the expense of the issuance of securities and the number of shares that have not been deposited -.
• Booking and printing processes of assessment.
• Report balances of customers during the annexation period.