Libyan Tobacco Company Contribution 
Main Information
Main Branch Address : tripoli-hai 2 Mars 
General Manager :   Sector : صناعى 
Table Included In : الجدول الفرعي ( أ )  Listing Date : 2/7/2008 
External Reviewer : ibrahim albaruni office   Telephone Number : 0214801403-0214801402-0214801401 
WebSite : http://  Fax Number : 0214801405 
Branches Number : لايوجد  Establishing Date : 1972 
Governing Council
Chairman of the board :mr.ali abdalla alfiture  
Vice-Chairman of the board : 
 Member of the board:mr:ali abdalla aljahani 
Board Members :
member name Capacity Nationality
mr.ali abdalla alfiture Chairman of the Board libyan
mr:ali abdalla aljahani Member of the Board libyan
mr:akram abdalla al abadi Member of the Board libyan
mr:kamel abdalla masqut Member of the Board libyan
mr:abdalrazak ali ben saed Member of the Board libyan
Financial Information
Authorized Capital : 75,780,000.000  Paid-up Capital : 75,780,000.000 
Capital Source : 75,780,000.000  Nominal Share Value : 100