The requirements for listing of bonds and financing instruments
In addition to listing the conditions set forth in Article (8) of this regulation, the required bonds and debt financing instruments to be included as follows:
Not inconsistent with the provisions of the contract of incorporation and the statute and the founding documents for the issuer
Unless it decides otherwise, the market must be at least the nominal value of the total of all debt securities and instruments of funding to be included on (1,000,000.000) million Libyan dinars or their equivalent in foreign currency acceptable to the market and can be converted to the Libyan dinar
The author who wishes to include debt securities or instruments of financing in the market to apply for listing on the market site by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the issuer together with the following:
Adoption of the issuer the obligation to the conditions and requirements for listing a site by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the issuer
General Assembly resolution of the issuer's approval of the issuance
Financial statements of the issuer
If the public treasury is the author or the content of the earlier version should provide a copy of a document or order or decision on which position to do so or to provide security issue in question
Information or clarifications that may be requested from the market to help exporters To take a decision on the approval of the listing
Submission of the application fee as determined by the market
This is to include the cancellation of the debt securities and instruments of funding included schedules in the history of the market or consumption due on or before that date in accordance with the legislation in force.
Versions except for the public treasury, we must obtain the consent of the market on any document or declaration to be published by or on behalf of the issuer for the purpose of the announcement of the listing of bonds and debt financing instruments in the market. And must include a declaration that the Declaration on the market degree.