Basic Inclusion requirements


The requestor for listing, requests for Listing its shares in the market tables accompanied by the required documents and forms designed for this purpose and to manage the insertion and follow-up disclosure, which in turn coordinates with a representative body to meet all the required documents and verification of the mobilization of all the models, and then refer the application for listing and annexed documents to the Commission listing in the market, this is the basic requirements for inclusion:

1. The listed company shall abide by the rules organizing the market's performance.
2. The company shall undertake to pay the initial and periodic fees to the market.
3. The company shall be registered in the market, and its securities shall be deposited according to the central depositing and registration system.
4. There shall be no restrictions on the transfer of ownership of the securities required to be listed.
5. Registration shall be of all issued securities, provided the next issue of securities shall be registered within one month as from the date of finalizing the necessary procedures.
6. The company shall sign the agreement of listing in the market.
7. Any other conditions lie down by the management committee which shall not violate the legislations in force..
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