Control and Follow up risk

The basic rules of risk management

Control and risk follow-up (Surveillance)
Oversight and Surveillance:
Control and risk follow-up is to manage technical oversight that oversees the work of the market in terms of (trading - brokerage companies - listed companies - technical services market) which was created in order to protect investors in securities, and follow-up the market to ensure fairness, efficiency and transparency, and protection of market risk that may be exposed. and take the necessary measures to combat money laundering, in coordination with the Central Bank of Libya in order to enhance cooperation and coordination between the parties in the field of regulation and oversight, as moving the Department to apply the principles of good governance for companies listed on the Market and dedicated to investor confidence and promote a culture of investment in Stocks
The regulations came for the work of the administration and governing the business of shares and the rules of governance to ensure the safety of all transactions and to protect customers and ensure their rights.

1. Protect investors from non-commercial risks.
2. Maintain the integrity of the market.
3. Application of the principles of fairness and transparency and the rules of good governance.