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The Libyan Stock Market involved in the meeting of the Organization of AMEDA and AMEDA leadership forum The Libyan stock market attended the ninth meeting of the Federation of deposit centers in Africa and the Middle East AMEDA held on 26-04-2009 Sunday in the city of Alexandria in Egypt and the Secretary of the Management Committee of the Libyan financial market to provide a presentation on recent developments in the Libyan stock market at the meeting was the selection of the Secretary of the Management Committee as a member of the Federation's Executive Committee. The stock market took part in the Forum, the Libyan leader, the first AMEDA LEADERSHIP FORUM, which was held during the period 27-29/04/2008 participation of more than 20 countries attended the Forum and many of the global financial institutions including the European National Bank and Societe Generale The English Agency Thomas Murray,and some of the Egyptian mediation companies.

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