Control on trading
Control over the circulation of either:
Instantaneous control and follow-up screens during the trading session through the system to control and follow-up indicators and warning that the grandmothers and documented.
Subsequent control is the preparation of reports on the trading of these reports may be either on paper or the level of investor or an intermediary, and as needed to ensure a particular topic and to draw on the analysis of circulation.
Among the indicators warning:
The circulation of large groups
To carry out orders quickly, affecting the market (political herd)
Orders the sale and purchase of large
Volume of unusual or significant movement in the price of paper
Determine the closure
The sale of fictitious or opposite orders
Imbalance of orders
In case of any indication of the audit are documented and forwarded through the model contains
Paper the name of the place of the warning.
Replace the name of the client warning.
Follow-up to the date of the movement.
The type of warning indicator.
Customer turnover in the period
A concise statement of all actions taken at the review.
A result of the review.
Final disposition.