Obtaining the investor’s unique code

The process of giving an investor a unique code is done through one of the following two ways:
1. Investors’ services Unit

     Where the investor in this case fills out the Obtaining Investor’s Unique Code form (Form 1) in the same unit as well as providing a copy of the ID card, and after reviewing the data and to check whether the investor has been given an investor’s number before or not, and then scan the photocopy of the ID card and put it into the system and finally give the investor an Unique Code.


2. Through the brokerage company

    Where the investors’ services unit gives the Obtaining Investor’s Unique Code forms to the brokerage companies that they should turn to the investors to fill them and then deliver them back to the brokerage companies accompanied by a copy of the ID card, then the company sends them to the investors’ services unit which it will issue the unique numbers and hand them over to the brokerage company to hand them over to their investors.