The mechanism of Extracting the Lists of Shareholders


The listed company shall make the following procedures in order to obtain a list of its shareholders.

The issuing company shall fill out the designated form “Extraction of Shareholders’ List Request” and hand it over to the Central Depository and Registry Department after paying the fees of extracting the lists.

Extraction is based upon the data provided in the form in terms of; alphabetical order - the amount of shares - descending order - ascending the order.

And the extraction of the list is issued either in hardcopy form or a softcopy (paper - CD - or both) and the reason of the extraction is usually for the one of the following purposes;
And is usually the reason for the extraction of the list is for the purpose of: --
introducing of shareholders - or for the General Assembly - or any other purposes.

The issuing company shall also state the date of the extraction of the list - and the person in charge of receipt of the list.