The requirements of registering companies in the Central Registry:

1. The company shall send an official letter addressed to the management of the market expressing its desire to register its shares in the central registry system.

2. The company shall fill out the designated form on their own official paper.

3.  The central depository and registry department shall prepare a memorandum of registry referred to the Secretary of the Management Committee for an opinion.

4. Following the approval of the memorandum of the registration, the section of membership and information shall register the data of the company according to the filled out form.

5.  the memorandum of the registration shall be sent to the Central Registry Section, which in turn is to issue the local and the ISIN code for the company as well as the registry the capital of the company in the registry system.

6. The central depository and registry department shall notify the company the completion of registering its shares under the local and ISIN code issued by the department.