Trading is buying and selling on the shares of listed companies, or is related to trading of listed companies under the Market regulation and supervision and following up on the sale and purchase of shares of listed entities.

First, Control of the Trading:

Proper control of the trading, in order to ensure justice is done between dealers in the market, and maintain stability.

Surveillance on trading is done by examining the processes and follow the movement of prices to make sure the integrity is clear of any fraud or manipulation or exploitation of information or speculation.

One of the main duties of Trading Surveillance.

1-Oversee the operations.

2 -Is the daily supervision of operations through electronic trading system in order to detect irregularities and observe the conduct of trading and price manipulation.

3-Achieve the supervision of operations by:

- Making sure that the trades have been in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the work of the market.

- Making sure that the trading system works efficiently and effectively.

- Follow-up implementation processes reverse (cancel suspicious transactions)

- To maintain order within the trading floors and verification of rumors.

- Answer the questions of employees and investors in the market.

- Assistance in solving problems and implementing related trading.

Second, Reports and indicators.

Means the reports and information related to trading indicators for all parties and in order to:

- Provide comparative data easier for the investor to take advantage of them in making investment decisions.

- The transfer of information and news about the actors listed first hand.

- Provide material for various media publications.

Introduction to the Index:

Investment in securities designed to achieve the best return on capital, whether the goal of long-term investment is any benefit from the annual dividends of the shares or short-term through the sale of these shares after the rise in prices. The objective of any investor, it must follow up and evaluate the performance of companies in which it invests them to make sound decisions in a timely manner, and is considered one of the most important price signals and the most successful tools that help to do so.

Iindicators of financial markets are the numbers of statistically measure the general trend of stock prices, as well as working to summarize the performance of the market quickly, helping investors and analysts to answer their questions about the performance of the capital market during a specified period, it is also used as a criterion to measure the performance of investment portfolios, and compare the performance of stocks with each other.

Also used to calculate the element of risk by comparing the returns achieved by a stock with the return achieved by a representative market portfolio of listed companies in the index.

The indicators are used to compare the performance of financial markets and the economy to a certain country with those in other countries.

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