Listing and Disclosure follow-up:


Listing is to record the securities issued and classified in the schedules of the market designated for that purpose and under the terms of financial and legal control of these companies and organize schedules acceptance of the market.

The listing of companies in the stock market is a commitment, and that the decision of any company applying for listing in the market reflects the foresight of a strategic sense of investment, and the keenness of the company's management to its shareholders. It is divided into tables of primary and secondary needs of their respective companies.


The Disclosure and transparency in the work of joint stock companies and in its financial transactions and management, however a high degree of order to allow as much data as possible for shareholders and investors in financial markets, and it is essential to make data available to investors all at the same time, without leaks can be up to some investors before others and lead to the benefit of them in the sale and purchase of shares.   A list of Disclosure from the organization to all the procedures and data required of listed companies in order to entrench the principle of transparency and to ensure the rights of shareholders and investors to ensure their decisions are based on knowledge of a strong and fair information for the performance of corporate contributors to it.

Disclosure of those listed:

The disclosure in the capital markets of the most important pillars that measured on the basis of the efficiency of these markets, this may be disclosed are represented in the juvenile core with the company or the company's financial statements, and whether the disclosure about the events of substance or the financial statements, this will have a great impact in effect on the price of the securities that are traded in the market, which is building them as well is determined by investment decision or not, it has organized a list of disclosure of all matters concerning the information that would impact on the price of securities traded in the market

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